CS Political Risk is a partner firm of Russell Bedford Chile. Our main services include bespoke Political Risk analysis and country studies, with special focus on Latin America. Our services help our distinguished clientele to mitigate risks emanating from political, economic, or socio-cultural developments. Thus, our customers are able to gain deep insights into a given country’s and/or regions’ structure and functioning of the political economy. Our reports sketch out the current environment to analyse where risks exist and how to deal with them. This approach enables clients to get ahead of their competitors.

Our principal services are:

  • Political Risk Analysis and Advisory;
  • Country studies; and
  • Business consulting.

Additionally, we offer translation of financial reports, as well as editing and proofreading of business correspondence. All of our services are available in Spanish, English, and German. We are also happy to refer clients to that member firm of Russell Bedford International which is located nearest to their project. Russell Bedford’s services are tax advisory, management of human resources or salary calculation, and more. Contact Us and we’ll see to it. on Twitter. CS Political Risk on LinkedIn rb-ch Associate